Reverse Osmosis AP 680, Booster Pump, 4 levels + Aqua Disc Revitalization

Reverse Osmosis AP680 provides pure and revitalized water at the tap. An Aqua Disc is included for revitalization.


Reverse Osmosis filtration filters out chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, hormones, nitrates, pesticides, limescale and drug residues through a 0.0001micrometer membrane.

The reverse osmosis AP 680 is accompanied by the Aqua Disc, the device for revitalizing the filtered water which is placed directly under the tank.

The installation is simple, directly under the sink, so that you can have absolutely pure and revitalized water directly at your tap.
The reverse osmosis filtration and revitalization systems allow you to enjoy healthy, natural water that is precious for the body at all times. Cleaned of undesirable substances and revitalized by the highly effective Aqua Disc process, this water is perfectly adapted to the needs of the human body.

Use osmosed and reVITALized water for all your drinks and food preparations.
For babies, children, adults and the elderly.


Total elimination of chlorine, limescale, heavy metals, hormones, pesticides and even radioactivity
Revitalizes the body and restores energy
Allows you to enjoy the real taste of your herbal teas and food
Easy to use
No more buying bottled water
Simple installation under the sink by yourself or your sanitary fitter
Provides 190 l of water per day


- 1 membrane to be changed every 3 years
- 3 cartridges to be changed once a year
Mineral salts (calcium, magnesium, etc.) must be supplied
to the organism in their vegetable and not mineral forms
Product description:
- Osmosis unit with booster pump
- Transformer CE ROH-24V
- 4 cartridges: 3 are installed, the membrane cartridge must
be placed at the time of installation;
- Sediment filter cartridge: PR PPS 680
- Activated carbon block cartridge: PR APC 680
- Finishing cartridge: Granulated activated carbon: PR 680 B
- Membrane cartridge: PR MBFT 50 GPD (190 liters/day)
(283 - 380 - 568 liters/day)

- Replace the filter cartridges as recommended. Sediment, Carbon
and Activated Carbon block cartridges once a year. The Membrane cartridge should be changed once every 3 years.

- PR balance restrictor - SWDWS 350
- Low pressure switch
- High pressure switch
- PR-SV2 solenoid valve
- Automatic shut-off valve
- Non-return shut-off valve
- Polyethylene tank type AD - 3,5 gallons (13,25 liters)
- Shut-off valve : PR ABVS tank - JG
- Long reach lead free valve with ceramic disc
- PR SV12 drill valve
- Tubing - Fittings
- Dimensions : 59 x 42 x 44 cm