Nelly Grosjean
Museum of aromas, Biossentiel in Graveson

Hello Maria

I tried it out with my Swiss trainees during three seminars!
Softly blind! Everyone recognizes the right water after 2 to 3 minutes on the "Aqua Disc" Bravo !

I also had 3 energeticists and radiesthetists measure it: top! They said ! what is it ? they asked...
So I decided to propose your Aqua Disc to all my clients and trainees, in Switzerland and in Provence .

thank you Maria

Of course, I offer to everyone, your great little Anti-Wave "stars" (IBL chips) for phones, Wifi and laptops... great too!
Good work dear Maria
and thank you

Thanks to you and the Universe

Jack Burlot
Photojournalist, Forcalquier

I moved to Forcalquier and the water here is very hard and smells of chlorine.

So I looked for an anti-scale system. I installed a filtration system in my home that now allows me to have water that no longer has the taste of chlorine, that is anti-limescale and this water is, moreover, revitalized, that is to say that it becomes "active".

After the first 24 hours, we immediately felt that the limestone had disappeared, that our skin was softer, and that this water, which had become "different", no longer had a chlorine taste... I find this system simple and wonderful. Moreover, it saves me from buying and carrying water tablets and bottles...

To go the extra mile, I also installed an osmosis water system under my sink which allows me to have ultra-filtered and revitalized water thanks to the Aqua Disc.

I live with my friend and daughter and since installing the products Maria recommended, we have started drinking water with FUN!

Franck Alonso
Hairdresser in Montellier

Hello Maria,

I am an artisan hairdresser in the Hérault region of France, and have been living there for nearly 19 years. I practice this profession with a particular attention to Harmony and Health.
I have experimented with several techniques and devices of all kinds, to finally choose 3-4 years ago, to use the AQUA HOME proposed by Air innovation.

On the technical and practical side, it is easy and quick to install, and effective very quickly because the water regains its solvent power instantly and completes the results with the products I use.

The hair shines and is nice to work with. I use less water to rinse! To date, there is no limescale deposit in my taps and my 3 hot water tanks are much less scaled and therefore consume less electricity.

Since the installation of AQUA HOME, I have observed a very high harmonic stability on the vibratory rate of the place, so much so, that the people who enter the salon are radically transformed and calmed.


Eva, from Paris

I have a very high level of sensitivity and I thank you for making the eWall available to us at a reasonable price, which makes our lives easier.