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Waveex PACK couple

3 WAVEEX chips per couple PACK
The little chip that makes the BIG difference
- 24-hour protection
- regardless of the type of device
- smoothes out the magnetic field peaks


WAVEEX creates a natural protective shield using a unique technology that neutralizes harmful mobile phone emissions.

WAVEEX is the only technology in the world that works on high low frequencies & high frequencies

EU approved and proven protection against mobile phone radiation.

Made in Austria.

When you receive an active call, an electromagnetic field is created. It consists of dips and peaks that form the so-called gradient.

WAVEEX TRANSFORMS THESE PICS into soft waves so that these electromagnetic fields become compatible for our body.

ProtectProtect yourself from the influence of strong radiation.

We spend more and more time every day using our digital tablets, laptops and smartphones. We are constantly sharing information, spending time on social networks, communicating with friends, business partners, or using these devices for pleasure.

But did you know that all these devices emit radiation that can be dangerous?


Our body uses low frequencies (0-30 Hz) to communicate internally. The frequencies emitted by mobile phones permanently interfere with this communication.

WAVEEX makes low and high frequency electromagnetic waves bio-compatible to our body and our organism is not disturbed anymore.


WAVEEX smoothes magnetic field peaks.
WAVEEX protects blood counts from changes.
WAVEEX reduces physical stress levels.
WAVEEX protects DNA


Studies showing the effectiveness of the Waveex chip have been certified by Veritas
Inspection certificate, BV file no.: VIN 4.15.007

how Waveex works

WAVEEX for mobile devices is a composite chip made of seven superimposed layers, a plastic exterior, and five internal layers with silver ink printed circuits, which, if exposed to electromagnetic waves, weaken the dangerous passing radiation and balance it with your body's magnetic field.

When you use a mobile phone, an extremely low technical magnetic frequency (ELF-MF) with gradients (magnetic field peak) is emitted around you.

The California Institute of Technology - CALTECH, Kirschwink - had already discovered in 1992 that this type of electromagnetic field with its gradients irritates the magnetite crystals in our brain. This causes signals in the central control unit of the brain (pineal gland).

The production of hormones and certain proteins is negatively affected (stress reaction)

As the effectiveness of melatonin is altered, the immune system is weakened, the DNA is damaged, affecting the protein balance in a negative way.

Repair proteins decrease, stress proteins increase and the level of stress in the body increases.

WAVEEX SMOOTHES the gradients without negatively influencing the quality of the speech signal and simulates a natural bio-compatible electromagnetic field to the body;

The magnetite crystals are therefore no longer irritated. Hormone and protein production is normalized, DNA protection is rebuilt and proteins begin to repair damaged DNA:

Stress levels drop

With its stored quantum information, WAVEEX brings order to chaos or prevents it from arising.

This has a positive impact on all emissions from mobile devices.

(Source: Dr. Claude Bärtels, Science 4Live Lab, 2015: Influence of electromagnetic radiation on human tissues with a special focus on the effect of the magnetic field)