eWall - Classic red

eWall, the case that protects you between 80-95% against the harmful waves of mobile phones thanks to a silver wire fabric.
eWall protects you while you are on the phone and while you are carrying the phone.

Standard size : 15 X 7,5 cm
XL size : 16 X 8,5 cm
XXL size : 17 x 9,5 cm

25,90 - – 35,90


eWall, the anti-wave pocket for your mobile

eWall is the protection against the harmful waves of mobile phones.

The eWall case: the right case for every laptop.
The proposed dimensions are:
from 6.5 to 9.5 cm wide and 15 to 17 cm high.

German technology & manufacturing


Washable at 30°C by hand or with a damp cloth

Protect your health

... by calling

Simply insert the E-Wall between the phone and your ear. The one-sided shielding prevents your head from being exposed and has no influence on the phone's operation.

 carrying the phone

Place the phone in the outside pocket to reduce radiation and still be reachable.

... out of use

Place your phone in the inner compartment by hooking the elastic band in the bottom corner. You are then off the grid very quickly.

N.B.: If the transmitter is too close or too powerful (4G), the phone may pick up the network

Certified fabric

e-Wall is made of a new highly "blocking" fabric, based on pure silver wire. This gives it its high-frequency shielding capability. This reflective fabric has been tested by the best German specialists and has received three independent scientific certifications: the Military University of Munich, the Klaus STEILMANN Institute of Bochum and the Prüfinstitut IMST


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