Aqua Disc, water revitalization "water energy

Aqua Disc is a mobile water revitalization device.
Ideal for your home or office. It provides revitalized water in 2 minutes and protects against electromagnetic waves within a radius of 1.5 m.


Aqua Disc provides you with revitalized water in 2 minutes


Revitalized water is more pleasant to drink and softer on the skin. It improves the metabolism, promotes the elimination of toxins and therefore gives you more vitality.

Drinking revitalized water helps eliminate toxins!

A mobile device: Ideal for your home or office

You put a carafe of water or a glass on the "disc": the water is revitalized in 2 minutes and will remain so for 24 hours.

Protects your environment from negative electromagnetic fields within a radius of about 1.5 mt (PC, mobile phone, wireless phone, ...) thanks to the life flower on the back of the Disc.

Operation :

Principle of bioresonance

The "disc" contains natural minerals to which positive oscillation information has been transmitted. The minerals in turn transmit this information to the water which enters their vibratory fields, which will modify its molecular structure.

The water molecule before and after passing through Aqua Disc

Photos taken with EMOTO technology



  • Drinking water, filtered water (This is the perfect compliment to the filtering devices.)
  • Fruit juice or any beverage
  • Fruits (Revitalized, they keep longer)
  • Cut flowers (keep longer)
  • Wine (Acts as a decanter for young wines)


Water is our most precious commodity:
That is why we must have the greatest RESPECT for this precious material without which we could not live.

Our body is composed of 80% water, which must be our essential food.

The Aqua DISC and Aqua HOME revitalization solutions are natural processes that ensure that your tap water is softer and more lively.

Water at its source has bioenergetic qualities.

The water in our taps has lost, through various treatments, its main qualities and its original bioenergetic properties. It is however possible to easily find the beneficial effects of spring water on our body.

Our technology is a natural, ecological and economical process that allows the water to regain its original bioenergetic qualities.

Water revitalization has been used successfully for over 30 years in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


Possibility to customize your Aqua disc from 100 pieces (see blue model nelly grosjean)