Product selection. Good health

July-August 2009 - Belle Sante
It is now difficult for many of us to do without a mobile phone, and it must be said that sometimes it is very useful.

Radio Oxygène interview

September 2008

Calling safely

19.07.2008 - Le Dauphiné Libéré
At a time when 48 million French people are equipped with a mobile phone and the controversy over the health risks associated with their use is growing, a simple fabric cover could reconcile mobile phone aficionados and their critics, who are calling for less use.

The phone cover that protects from waves. The World

April 28, 2009 - Le Monde
The debate over the danger of the waves emitted and received by mobile phones is still not settled, but those who believe in the precautionary principle will be delighted to learn that a simple cover can ease their anxiety. The ewall (for "electronic wall"), designed in Bavaria and distributed in France by the company Aqua énergie, is presented at ....

A textile against mobile phone waves

17.09.2008 - La Tribune
A reflective fabric made of pure silver thread and using nanotechnology protects against magnetic waves. Transformed into a completely closed mobile phone case, it no longer receives or emits waves.