water revitalizationWater is our well the most valuable

That is why we must have the utmost respect for this precious material without which we could not live.

Our body is made up of 80% water, which must be our essential food.In order for water to regain its full strength, it must be filtered and then revitalised, as this is how water is able, thanks to the right structure of its molecule, to carry away the waste products inherent in our biological functions and thus to penetrate our cells.

Each type of filtration is accompanied by a revitalisation (Aqua Home or Aqua Disc). The filtered (by reverse osmosis or purification) and revitalised water regains all its bioenergetic strength and you your vitality.

water revitalizationOur water revitalisation solutions

Aqua Disc and Aqua Home revitalisation solutions are natural processes that ensure softer, more vibrant tap water.

Aqua disc

Aqua home

aqua home

water revitalizationOur water filtration solutions

Many water experts now recommend filtering your tap water.

Reverse osmosis

reverse osmosis
YdroKalk anti-limescale