water revitalizationWater as a source of health


The criteria for drinking water are almost always chemical and biological criteria. Water is rarely analysed according to its physical and energetic quality.

Water has its original energetic qualities at its source, which it then loses through various treatments and pressure in the water pipes. As a result, the bio-energetic properties of drinking water often amount to only 10% of their potential.
Dr. Emoto has scientifically studied the structure of water. In his book "The Healing Power of Water In his book "The Healing Power of Water", he compares photographs of different water crystals.

The importance of water on our health

Water quality is essential for our health and the balance of the ecosystem.
Let's not forget that we are water: the human body contains 70% water, the brain 90%!

We often do not consume enough water. The recommended amount is 30 ml per kg of weight (a 60 kg person should drink 1.8 l of water per day).

The higher the energy quality of the water, the better it is able to eliminate toxins. Fatigue, migraines, lack of energy, back and joint problems, skin problems, hyperacidity, obesity... can be considerably reduced. The metabolism is improved.

Hydration is the key to biological balance.
(Dr. Wheeler)

Jacques Collin, author of several books (Au delà de l'eau,...) recommends water with very little mineral content, preferably filtered by reverse osmosis and revitalised afterwards.