80% of electromagnetic sources can be eliminated by ourselves.

How do you do it?

Our recommendations

  • Replace your cordless phone (DECT) with a corded phone or a full Eco Mode

    The base station of your cordless phone permanently emits a 1900 MHz digital wave field, pulsed at 100 Hz, within a range of 50 to 300 m.

  • Replace WIRELESS connections (Wifi, Bluetooth, Game Consoles, tablets) with wired connections and really turn off the Wifi at night.

    wireless connections of computer equipment, GPS, game consoles, pulses on a high frequency of 2400 MHz (Wifi) to 2480 MHz (Bluetooth) and on a low frequency of 10 Hz. In the presence of Wifi during the night our brain enters in resonance with the pulse of 10Hz and the brain does not manage to enter in deep sleep.

  • Avoid PLC - Power Line Communication: this technology uses the electrical circuit of your home and turns it into a "giant antenna" (except for shielded wiring). The new Linky electric meter uses PLC. Mobilize yourself so that your town hall votes against the installation of the new meters.
  • Use a low-frequency baby monitor 1 - 3 metres from the baby's head.

    As there are no set frequencies for baby monitors, the models on the market range from 40mhz to 2400mhz. If you want to buy a baby monitor on the internet, it would be better to opt for low frequency baby monitors.

  • Do not call on the train or in the car.

    Farraday cage effect

  • Avoid giving a mobile phone to children under 12 years old

    Your child's nervous system is very fragile and can easily be affected by the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves. His brain can absorb about 60% more waves than that of an adult.

  • Always use protection when calling
  • Avoid the microwave oven:

    in addition to the electromagnetic field of 2450 MHz emitted at several meters, it destroys in a few seconds the energy of the food, leaving only the support (what one sees), whose digestion will consume your reserve of energy, instead of bringing you some. Moreover, it modifies the chemical balance of milk and can make it neurotoxic.

  • → YOU JUDGE... ;but think of the babies' bottles and baby food!