water revitalizationA global solution

Filtration + Anti-limescale + Aqua Home Revitalization

The ecological and economical solution to filter and revitalize the water of the whole house and remove limescale and scale

A two-part device that is installed in the water supply system, YdroKalk consists of a purifier with double filter cartridges and a maintenance-free catalytic anti-scaling device and isguaranteed for ten years.

1. Filtration (Chlorine - bad taste - KDF - heavy metals)
2 Catalytic limescale remover (without electricity)
3 Revitalization by Aqua Home of the water for your whole house


water revitalizationFinally an ecological, economical and effective solution to neutralize limescale!

  • Removes all tartar
  • Reduces existing limescale as soon as it is installed
  • Without electricity
  • Ecological, without pollution
  • Works without chemicals or sodium chloride
  • Very robust and powerful
  • Maintaining the performance of your devices
  • Saves 5-7% on the actual energy budget


anti-limescale solution

water revitalizationProven effectiveness

Hard water and limescale destroy pipes, drains, heating appliances, dishwashers, washing machines, etc., limiting their life span. The limescale in hard water can also stimulate the growth of bacteria and cause corrosion.

While softeners release sodium (chlorine) into nature and leave a slippery feeling of water on the skin, the catalytic anti-scaling systems plus Aqua Home revitalization do not pollute and do not change the texture of the water. On the contrary, your water is softer and more pleasant.

You'll feel it right after you take a shower.