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Protecting yourself

Fighting against everyday electromagnetic pollution

Water a precious commodity

Filtered and revitalized water regains its bio-energy qualities

Air Innovation manufactures and sells products against electromagnetic field radiation, filtration devices and water revitalization.

Maria Leibetseder

Manager of Air innovation

Your vitality is important to me

Concerned about the physical and psychic well-being of the human being, we offer solutions against the radiation of electromagnetic fields and filtration and water revitalization devices, of which I am a manufacturer.

We are particularly involved in the fight against everyday electromagnetic pollution and our approach is both natural and innovative.

Natural, because we implement ecological solutions that are totally respectful of the environment.

Innovative, because we work on technical processes such as blocking effects, bioenergy, bioresonance...


water revitalization Presentation of the Aqua-disc

The Geowave wave of well-being

anti-waveWaveex chip

WAVEEX creates a natural protective shield using a unique technology that neutralizes harmful mobile phone emissions.
WAVEEX modifies these harmful rays without negatively affecting the quality of the radio connection, making mobile technology compatible with our bodies .


Air innovation supports voix libres and the nelly grosjean foundation

A part of Air Innovation's results is donated to the foundation voix libres pour les enfants sur tous les continents and to the foundation nelly grosjean which works for the replanting of trees and to feed the planet differently.

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